Why We're Running...

Edison is one of New Jersey’s largest towns and it is home to one of the most diverse communities across the state. Our team depicts that diversity not only in our backgrounds and genders but in our common sense political positions that we know will benefit all of Edison’s residents. Below are some of the issues we feel strongly about and our platform is one of progress, safety and innovation. 

Hahn 21 Point Plan

It is time for a Mayor with real life experience and common sense solutions. Here is Keith’s 21 Point Plan to fix Edison.

1. Keith will be a full time Mayor. 

2. Keith will be transparent. Keith will hold weekly open office hours for residents to address any and all concerns. 

3. Stabilize taxes by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. 

4. Have a forensic accountant audit the finances from the last 5 years to identify savings and ensure Water and Sewer bills are accurate. The 12,000 residents in South Edison can not be expected to pay for problems township wide. 

5. Resurface basketball and tennis courts to give people a safe place to play and exercise. 

6. Fix and reopen the Stelton Community Center. We need to maintain and utilize the resources we have! 

7. Fill the vacancy of Recreation Director to enhance facilities and opportunities for our kids and seniors. 

8. Reform the township jobs hiring process giving priority to Edison residents. We have one of the best school systems in the country and we need to give our kids an opportunity to stay home and give back to their community. 

9. Create an Office of Community Relations to help residents navigate all government resources available to them and expand the Youth Services Program enabling more families to utilize them. 

10. Initiate a referendum to change our Council to a “Ward System” to ensure that every resident has a voice on the Town Council. 

11. Streamline the permitting process. Your job should not be shut down for 6+ months while you wait for permits. 

12. Open the existing Public Safety Building in Raritan Center and expand the Community Policing Unit. 

13. Bring back Fire Rescue/EMT resources to respond to calls requiring medical attention. 

14. Pave our own roads and provide a 5 year plan so residents know when to expect certain roads to be repaired. 

15. Work collectively with the Superintendent and the Board of Education to resolve overcrowding and lack of full day kindergarten. 

16. Revise and strictly enforce the Master Plan so that warehouses are not permitted in residential neighborhoods and high density residential is not allowed in commercial areas. 

17. Strictly enforce property maintenance ordinances on abandoned properties to protect families and neighborhoods. 

18. Open a Municipal Recycling Center on Meadow Rd. to allow residents to dispose recyclables at their convenience. 

19. Install over 100 electric charging stations at all public buildings, schools and municipal parks. 

20. Install a multi-megawatt solar farm on the 230 acres of township-owned property off of the Kin-Buc Superfund Site. 

21. Traffic; we need a ramp to 287 North on Route 27 and a ramp to 287 South on New Durham Rd. to ease tractor trailer traffic in South Edison.